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About Hauz Interior Design

Hauz Interior Design was conceived to create smart, comfortable and functional spaces, where life takes place in a harmonious and complete way. 

Hauz comes from the German word haus (house) and translates to our commitment in creating personalized projects, always aligned with the clients’ budget and expectations.


We believe Interior Design can be accessible to everyone who needs functional and modern spaces adapted to their style. 

Our Team

About Chris Rocha

Art and History. Architecture and Design. These are the greatest inspirations for Chris Rocha, creator of Hauz Interior Design. Since 2010, Chris synthesizes the personality, needs and tastes of her clients in well planned spaces, with carefully chosen colors and lighting. 

Capturing the client’s soul and the essence of the space are the foundation of the work to create a new, unique and personalized space. Beyond beauty, the concern with comfort, safety, and functionality of the space are always highlighted on each design achieved by Chris. Her greatest accomplishments are delivering projects that surpass the clients' expectation, bringing to reality what they have once dreamed.

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